In addition to our fuel recycling capabilities, Reco operates treatment facilities for other non hazardous liquid waste. Reco is an EPA certified Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) facility. Manufacturing by-products, off specification commercial chemical products, groundwater from environmental remediation and other non hazardous liquid wastes are accepted for treatment.

     We also accept sludges and semi pumpable, non hazardous materials that are treated using our efficient pozzolonic stabilization process.

     Prior to the opening of our liquid waste facility, these wastes required costly transportation to permitted facilities hundred of miles away.
     Prior to acceptance of material for treatment, a completed Non-Hazardous Waste Profile Summary sheet must be completed. Included is a generators certification that the material does not meet the definition of a hazardous waste. Reco Biotechnology reserves the right to require sample(s) and/or analytical data for materials submitted for treatment. Materials accepted for treatment include:
  • Organics, oils and greases
  • Pumpable, viscous liquids
  • Contaminated storm water
  • Condensate from AST's & UST's
  • Remediation project waters
  • Laundry waste water
  • Industrial process water
  • Rinsate from tanker rinse out
  • Inks and dyes
  • Electronics manufacturing waters
  • Sump and OWS contents
  • Drawing oils and water
  • Metalworking fluids & coolants
  • Soap, cleaners and surfactants
  • Textile process water
  • Petroleum impacted water
  • Pharmaceutical waste water
  • Rubber, plastics, latex
  • Lubricants and protectants
  • Food process water
  • Vehicle maintenance fluids
  • Off spec commercial products
  • Agricultural process water
  • Paint process water
Your Reco Biotechnology representative will provide a thorough assessment of your treatment and recycling needs. Let Reco Biotechnology provide you with the comfort of knowing that your material is treated properly.

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